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Compliance Matters...

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Our Story

Managing grants is messy work. Staying on top of reporting requirements for your grants and sub-awards is time-consuming and complex. With all the reporting requirements and due dates, it's easy for things to slide through the cracks, ending up with multiple spreadsheets, lots of emails and documents. There IS a better way to monitor your compliance and make the process a lot easier to manage. Where most grant management systems don't provide great tools for managing pass through entities as well as subrecipients, G2P is here to change that.

Our Vision

People who choose to make a difference don't do it because they love spreadsheets, email and paperwork. Our vision is to provide a system that helps you focus on what's important and make your administrative tasks fit into the way you work. G2P makes it easy to access pertinent information allowing you to be successful in accomplishing your mission - all through a simple subscription to our cloud-based services.


G2P is a Software as a Service solution that helps you interact with sub-recipients in a simple, easy-to-use application - accessed over the web or on mobile devices. With tools for managing Programmatic Risk Assessments, Draw Requests and many other Award management features, the solution makes it easy to gather the information required to stay up-to-date, even making things easier for your sub-recipients. And, now meeting compliance surrounding 2 CFR 200 requirements has never been easier!

Whether you’re a grantee, pass through entity, or subrecipient…

G2P Works for You! 

Federal or State 
Granting Agency

Grantees & Pass Through Entities


G2P Makes Compliance Easy!

Required reports from award agreement filed on time

  • Responsible parties receive automated reminders of tasks due 

  •  Dashboard to provide overview of compliance

  • All participants in the process interact in a common application 


Governance dashboards provide dynamic overview of compliance status for PTE and subrecipients

Game Changing Platform:

States and other Grantor Organizations need centralized reporting into their oversight organization. G2P's pre-built dashboard makes centralized governance just a mouse click away.

Why use G2P:

Automated programmatic risk assessment component: Allows Grantors to create a risk assessment questionnaire and assign scoring and weights.

​Sub-recipient Management monitors for “benchmarks due” such as reports from Grantee and Audits by Grantor and notifies appropriate grantee or grantor users.

Unique Pricing Model:

Cloud-based Solution:

No hardware or software purchase required.


No user licenses.  Easy cost reporting.

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