How do we do it?

Focus on the Pain Points:  We spent time looking at Grant Compliance issues, examined audit data, talked to lots of grants professionals, and identified key issues that consistently plague many grant professionals.Then we asked, why are these issues such a headache? Here’s what we learned. 

Most grants professionals wear a lot of hats. So, managing the minutiae of tracking monitoring tasks, compliance requirements, and grant agreement terms can be tedious. It feels like a distraction, but it’s a job unto itself, and it’s critical to your program success. Most grant professionals do the best they can, with cobbled together spreadsheets, lots of email, maybe some calendars, notes and a lot of effort.

We chose to focus here first. G2P delivers an easy-to-use set of features designed to keep monitoring and compliance tasks on track for you, so you can focus on higher value tasks.  



Adopt an “App” Mentality:  We asked ourselves many times, is there really an “end-to-end” solution for Grants Management? After a lot of discussion, we landed on the typical consultative answer, “It depends”.  It depends on how you define “end-to-end”. The truth is, there are so many aspects of Grant Management, we don’t really think it’s possible to use a single platform for everything.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that you will have more than one system. And, we think it’s time to stop thinking about the big, “end-to-end” illusion, and start looking at “apps” that are easy-to-use and solve your pain points immediately.

We’ve delivered a simple app to help you track, deliver and report on key tasks like Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Compliance tasks. We also provide a simple dashboard  allowing you to quickly see how you’re doing at all times - with a click or tap. 

Speed Matters:  How about a system that you can start using in as little as 2 days after you sign up? It's that easy with G2P! Seriously.

G2P is 100% cloud based and runs in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud. Which means it’s highly secure and certified for government use. With their sophisticated infrastructure, we can have your G2P system ready for you with the click of a mouse.  


We quickly import your existing grant data into G2P, which we do for you as part of our standard service. (Contact us in advance and we will make the forms available to you from our website.) As soon as your data is ready, we can import your information and schedule your training. From there, you’re off and running. 

You’re Free to Come and Go:  Our standard subscription is for one year. You can stop using at any point and we will all your data back in an open file format. But, you won't want to leave. We are committed to earning your business year after year by adding useful new features that our users request, and by providing great service. 

The Price Is Right:  We have created unique “Per Award” pricing model that we think accomplishes a number of great things for our users: 

  • Our pricing structure makes the system extremely affordable and accessible for both small and large organizations. 

  • We have one single line item price for each award that includes access to the system, configuration and setup, training and ongoing support. No limit on the number of users.

  • When we bill you, our invoice references your unique grant number. It’s easy to track your exact cost for managing compliance - per grant. This makes our service a direct cost, eliminating the need to track and interpret indirect rates for our service. In order to collaborate effectively, everyone on your team can have access to the system (no user licenses.) That includes your internal staff, but also counterparts at your funding source, and all of your subrecipients. There are no user licenses to buy.  

Pricing made easy for you.

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